2.4.2020 EthOss Academy Webinar

With proven success rates of over 99% and no need for collagen membranes, “True Bone Regeneration” is a significant shift in the practice and delivery of bone grafting.

During this webinar, Dr Peter Fairbairn will discuss “True Bone Regeneration” with a particular focus on the relatively simple surgical techniques and mindset needed to achieve optimal outcomes. This will include a selection of documented case studies, including several new cases which have not been presented previously.

The presentation will include:
• Why “True Bone Regeneration”? Overview of research and personal experiences
• Graft material selection – how to choose?
• Removing the traditional collagen membrane
• Applying this ethos to a wide variety of clinical situations, including numerous long-term case studies from the speaker and several new cases
• Q&A opportunity

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